Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jimmy Page---Why You Should Intently Study How He Plays,Composes And Produces Not Just Zeppelin Material---But What he Did For Many Other Bands

Jimmy Page, he studied record albums like other great players of the late 50's and 60's. I wish today's musicians would actually buy, study and play along with old record albums. Currently, I'm reading a book on Jimmy done by Guitar World Editor-In Chief Brad Tolinski. Brad has had the great opportunity to interview Jimmy at length many times including this book called: "Light And Shade" Conversations: With Jimmy Page.
You'll learn a lot from the book, and hopefully some tips on producing from Jimmy as well. He did production work with other bands and I'm hoping Brad asks him some questions on that, that your band can use in the studio, and for playing live onstage.
I'll have regular reports on the book in the coming weeks, and give you little tidbits of info from Jimmy that can be of use to many players.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why Songwriters Should Learn to Write and Not Worry About Dealing Making--Tips From Hollywood Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas

I was looking at a video from Hollywood writer Joe Eszterhas, and how he talked about too many writers wanting to do deals, and not focusing on the craft of writing.Joe wrote "Basic Instinct" and "Jagged Edge" along with many other top major motion pictures.

The deals will come if you write your ass off guys.Joe also says most writers will agree to the first deal,and be willing to make changes at the cost of the integrity of their work.

Doing songwriting on spec for a record label or a studio is better than giving them what they want.Get the deal you want.
Don't give a label or studio any leverage guys.Just watch this video from a Hollywood writing pro who gives basic tips on just doing what you love,and letting someone else handle the marketing bullshit.

Much success songwriters and screenwriters.

Mark G

Friday, January 16, 2015

Session Guitar Players Are Still A Wanted Commodity Musicians!

Here's why you need to get wise to it, and become the studio and live musician bands are looking for.
Well known session player Ron Zabrocki goes into detail on why session players need to be able to emulate the top players who are actually in demand in the studios. Not just in LA or New York, but in your town and on the road. I keep saying I'm going to interview Ron but I keep putting it off. Ron is also well known as a writer in the blog section of Guitar World's online community. He talks about session playing mainly, but also has other "how to" articles that are well worth taking notes on and applying, to become the session cat you always wanted to be, and the player other bands like playing with and hanging out with. So, get started right here by clicking this lovely little link to Ron's recent article on becoming a talented session man just by emulating top players. I shit you not.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Good News --"Free Report" on How your band can open for other bands and create value for that other band

This is an important repost of a short article on how your band can open for other bands by creating value for them. And not asking for anything in return. And I still have a free report on this which is available guys.

Hey guys. I know it's a struggle out there on the club circuit trying to open for a better band who gets better pay. I will show you exactly how you can do that and create value for that band and other musicians as well. All of us seem to think of ourselves first and sabatoge our efforts as a band by doing just that. If you put yourself first you'll always be scrambling for crappy money on the club circuit behind bands that go that little extra for other musicians,and reap the benefits. Yeah, they may not be as good as your band live or in the studio, but maybe they get out there helping other musicians and slowly get better as a result.

You'll find you get help you didn't ask for if you do what I say in the report. This is not hocus pocus or any trickery on my part. Being genuine and learning from musicians without asking for anything is actually just a little nugget I snuck out from the report. It will pay off in spades guys. I am not asking for any money guys and there is no obligation on your part to ever buy anything. I just want you guys to help other musicians and create value for them. Musicians are some of the nicest, generous and giving people. I hope you and your band will help other players and some day reap those benefits financially.

No there is nothing wrong with doing well. Just give a little back if you do guys.

To read the free report email us here at Canadian Guitar Player:

Just type "Free Report" in the subject line.

Thank You fellow musicians.

Mark G

Warren Haynes Talks About How His Band Gov't Mule Picked Their Producer Gordy Johnson And How Your Band Can Pick a Produce

Warren Haynes is one of the best Jam band axemen in the biz and has played with the Allman's and forged the great blues rock outfit Gov't Mule. Warren talks about the procedure they took for hooking up with Gordy Johnson and how Allen Woody their original Bass player took a role in that. If you want to learn to become a great band and have fun, watch Gov't Mule in the studio and live.You can also head over to their site: for further videos and become the band I know you're capable of.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Canadian Guitar Player Musicians Instant Press Kit---And Why Your Band Needs A Solid Press Ki

                                                                                                                                                              The importance of a Solid Press-Kit for Musicians

I’ve tried to get it through to musicians again and again on the importance of having a press kit. That’s basically fallen on deaf ears for the most part. What I’m going to do here is not rant and rave, But just give you some basics on how to get it done. We here at Canadian Guitar Player also offer Press-Kit writing services like; article writing, interviews and innovative material for your press kit, like articles on aspects of music like tips on recording, studio session work, gear--and guitar tips that your band are adept at, and can help other musicians and fans with. Along with music business acumen.

All these music business know-how tips would be written by our writers, but the knowledge would come from you musicians, and become part of your Press-Kit. This shows creativity on a musicians part, and depending on if it’s a club you want to be booked at, session work or interest in a label deal, will all be beneficial in progressing not just a band’s career---but for each band member depending on their individual situations.

I have prior articles on writing bios, article writing, and Press-Kit implementing that Canadian Guitar Player can send to musicians who are serious about getting ahead in this business we love so much. The first 2 articles in our press packages are free. We will develop solid press material that will help your band for what ever you’re currently doing as a band. Tell me what you want to achieve in the business. If you don’t use our press writing services, be ready to work harder. If you love music enough you’ll do it. If you’re a musician in the AFM union, look for our recently published article; How to write a press kit that won’t get thrown out. It’s in the London Musicians Association newsletter called Crescendo.

Start with a basic bio of the band and each member along with how the band got together, and any funny anecdotes along the way. Also include any special talents of each band member such as song writing, recording experience, session work, clubs played at, bands opened for etc. At that point when you’re done that, get some media coverage from local college press and radio. Ask a student journalist if they would interview your band regularly. See how they do with a couple of articles, and be prepared to pay them with band funds or free tickets. Getting media coverage from big-city papers, TV and mainstream radio is not a great way to start for a band. Shun mainstream media. Fuck them! Yeah, I swear.Oh well.

Yeah, if you don’t like what I’m saying and you know I’m right anyway,I’ll help you get started with a Press Kit. Like I said above, get a student journalist who believes in your music, get regular interviews every time you play, and even be prepared to think differently and interview band’s in your genre. This will show a lot of interest and other bands will follow suit. Also, a website or blog is important now to promote your band online, with interviews, Discussion boards, tour dates, what the band is doing currently, and have free material on your site while you’re recording a new EP, album or compilation CD.
What you can do to promote your band is endless. Just be ready to pounce on ideas even if they don’t do what you want at first. So let’s get started and email us at Canadian Guitar Player and we’ll talk about setting you up with a Musicians Instant Press-Kit.


Mark Grove: email:

Friday, January 2, 2015

Some Great Blues Slide from Canadian Guitar Player Logan Sovereign

A friend of mine sent me a very short little video of his boy Logan playing some slide blues. It's just one minute guys. He does it very methodically. Not sure what blues tune it is. But he does it slow so he understands what he's doing. Blues is all about simplicity. Thanks to Logan and his dad Ferlin.

if you're itchin' to play blues or some slide to boot, just take a gander at this video. You can see where he's playing with his fretting hand and picking. Enjoy and take notes.